Monday, 21 July 2008

July 21st

] I went to Wall-E on Friday! oh my what a brilliant film well done to Disney and Pixar again I would recommend it its brilliant! I have started my placement its going ok the clients and staff are really nice all though it is a little quiet. I haven't meet my mentor yet as he is on holiday till tomorrow but i'm sure he is lovely as well. Its not quite what I expected but its good to learn in different environments. My friend is getting married on Friday and i am still to find a dress i should probably go shopping now but i really cant be bothered today. But I will go Thursday before my hair appointment. I have been concerned about a friend of mine who I think has been on a date with some one I used to be friends with, he is not a nice person all though he comes across that way. I really dont know how to even start a conversation about it I will wait and see what happens for now i think. I'm off on my holidays in a few weeks I cant wait hopefully it will recharge my batteries as I seem to be having a little but of Tired All The Time at the moment.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Maiden England

We went to see Iron Maiden at Twickenham yesterday, Oh my what an wicked day! I loved all the support acts and Maiden them selves well what can I say? they were brilliant!! It was really cool being a Twickenham I have all ways wanted to go hopefully next time it will be for Rugby though.